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Rafa Benitez set to leave Liverpool for Juventus! Rafa Benitez set to leave Liverpool for Inter Milan! Rafa Benitez set to manage U.A.E!! Fernando Torres to join Man City in record transfer! Fernando Torres to Join Chelsea in record transfer! Fernando Torres to join Barcelona as he has fallen out with Benetiz! Man City set to buy Steven Gerrard in £30m swoop! Real Madrid poised to land Gerrard as Jose sets his sights! Benny and Masch off to Chelsea in double swoop! And so it goes on and on and on……..and the season has only just ended!! It appears that once again the media have decided that our manager and our top players will be leaving this summer with stories appearing on a daily basis in the papers. I have a couple of issues with this. It appears that any clown can now call themselves a journalist which then gives licence to be able to call yourself an expert and print stuff that quite clearly isn’t true!! Why has journalism come to this? It used to be a respected profession but now I’m not so sure. Although the players and manager shouldn’t have to comment on every single story it would be nice if they would come out and say something on the lines of  ‘I am happy at Liverpool and will be staying at the club for next season’. This may put an end to all of the ‘speculation’ because the longer there is silence the more the media will keep telling us its all true. The prime example was with the Juventus/Rafa connection, which had been going on since January this year. Rafa had been silent all the way through which meant that the flames were constantly being fuelled. A strong statement in my view from Rafa could have ended the whole saga. Even after Juventus appointed a new manager Inter Milan become the favourites to land Rafa. In Rafa’s defence he has started to make noises to the media that he is happy at Liverpool and will be staying and even finding the link to the U.A.E amusing. My point is though if you don’t extinguish the flames by staying silent then you are indirectly adding fuel to the fire. Jamie Carragher in my view hit the nail on the head when he was quoted as saying last week that if you are not committed at Liverpool then you can pack your bags. I am glad a senior player has come out and expressed the views that the majority of Liverpool fans hold on this issue. I just wish more players would do the same. Even after I started writing this blog Fernando Torres agent was quoted as saying  that he will be staying at Liverpool next season and yet a day later  we hear (according to some parts of the media) he hasn’t made up his mind yet! I think that after the season the club had its not a surprise that our players are being linked elsewhere but it doesn’t give the media and journalists the right to make the majority of stories up on a daily basis. I also have to laugh at the fact that the English media have gunned for the blood of Benitez, criticizing everything that he does but have no problem in reporting that nearly every top club in Europe is after him! He can’t be a bad manager after all can he? Unfortunately all Liverpool fans will have to brace themselves for a summer of transfer speculation more than the kind we experienced in 2005 with Chelsea ad Gerrard. However I will not be made to believe anything until it actually happens! Even if some of our top players do leave in the summer then I would suggest that we remember that NO player is bigger than Liverpool Football Club. Y.N.W.A

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Too Blind to See it……

Posted by Spencer | Posted in Liverpool FC | Posted on 18-10-2010


Another game ANOTHER defeat….

It seems after re-reading them, my recent blogs have had a depressive and negative feel to them but in all honesty that is how I have been feeling whilst writing them and yesterdays result did nothing to help this but only contributed in making it worse.

After the euphoria of finally being free of Hicks and Gillette and now in the hands of what we all hope are good stable owners with the best interests of the club at heart, I think we were all hoping that these feelings would transmit towards the players and manager alike ready for the Merseyside derby on Sunday. Unfortunately this did not happen on any front….

Although the sale of the club was as important as anything to happen in its recent history I believe that we have used this as an excuse to take our eyes off the team and its current predicament in the league.  That is in no way wanting to patronize fellow reds because the events of last week did require our attention but in the same time the events of last week would never have, in my opinion, made any difference to the problems that are currently being faced on the pitch. When I tweeted these concerns last week I received a lot of comments saying that players and the manager alike will now be able to play with confidence and free of worry and this would be shown against Everton. I was never going to be convinced by this argument. My previous blog ‘Results not Excuses’ was based on the theory that the problems upstairs were not the fundamental reason for the problems on the pitch and I still stand by this view.

The performance on Sunday was as predictable as the Liberal Democrats selling out their principles for a taste of power. No passion, no imagination, no commitment, no flare and no idea. Sadly this isn’t new and has been the standard all season (Arsenal apart) and it was never going to be any different. We have finally had a change of ownership and it is now in my opinion time to change our manager. I never like talking and now in this modern age, writing such views about any Liverpool manager as this is not our way but we are in serious danger of being cut adrift at the wrong end of the table if things don’t change sooner rather than later.

Robbie Fowler stated yesterday on Sky that Leeds were a much better team than the current Liverpool side and they still went down so lets not kid ourselves about the situation we are currently in.

Unfortunately our current manager continues to see things differently. His post match comments after the game on Sunday were quite staggering. ‘This was the best we played all season and we were unlucky to lose” “I was pleased with the 2nd half performance and thought we totally dominated them”. Now if he had quite simply said that the performance was not good enough or expected from any Liverpool team then I would have had some respect for him but to come out with what he did just confirmed what I had already thought – Roy Hodgson is simply not good enough for our club.

Any non-English manager would have now been sacked on the back of the worse Liverpool start to the season for 57 years but we are faced with a situation where we have a manager who is loved by the media managing a team that is not and they (media) are finding it very difficult to balance their views and reporting as a result. Most sections of the media (Sky mainly) continue to blame Rafa Benitez for the current performances and it is quite staggering the ‘facts’ they reel out. He has left a squad that is the poorest ever at Liverpool (whilst forgetting the Souness era and the end of Houllier’s run), he is responsible for the debt the club had, he spent millions of pounds (whilst forgetting he recouped est 80% in sales) etc etc. What they don’t comment on is that he also won the Champions League, FA Cup, Super Cup, reached another Champions League final, 3 CL semi finals in total, Carling Cup final and a record points tally of any post league winning Liverpool manager. Not bad really…

However whilst the media continue to blame Rafa for the current performances and ignore the facts, they need to understand it is Roy that picks the team and sends them out to play the way HE wants them too.

As a passionate fan I do not want to see any Liverpool manager sacked but at this time of new ownership that gives us glimmers of hope, the Liverpool board need to be strong and make the right decision because I want to see my Liverpool team play with passion and commitment and also start to play football again. I want to start writing and talking again about the positives of our great club as that is far more enjoyable but until the required changes are made then my blogs will continue in this fashion. The players are quite clear in their views of the manager by the way they are going about their jobs on the pitch and in particular the body language so Mr Henry please do that right thing and change the manager before its too late.

Unlike the media we as Liverpool fans are not too blind to see it……….

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