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Simply Not Good Enough………

The 8th January 2011 saw the return on King Kenny to what he and the majority of Liverpool fans see as his rightful place, manager of Liverpool Football Club. It also signalled the end of Roy Hodgson’s reign and my self imposed blogging ban which I installed back in November last year. The reason I decided to stop blogging was I had started to re-read my previous blogs and had noticed I was writing the same things over and over again. I couldn’t find anything new or positive to write and knew this was never going to change until either Roy left his post or was removed. So now I am back and more importantly so is King Kenny. Once the news became public knowledge on Saturday I immediately felt relief and then overwhelming excitement. I felt relief because our beloved club was in real danger of sliding into the abyss – our players looked like they couldn’t be bothered, our manager looked like he was on the verge of a nervous breakdown because he was quite clearly out of his depth and in my view AND more alarming, we as supporters had started to stay away from the games with the last home game only reaching 35,000 as an attendance which for a Saturday afternoon game is unheard of. The feeling of excitement for the majority of fans completely took over the weekend and whatever the result was to be against our rivals across the M62 we knew that from this point on our club under King Kenny would take a more positive direction and help bring pride back to the club and to all of the fans. From a personal point of view I wanted to see more passion and pride in our play and for Liverpool Football Club to start playing football again. From what we saw at the weekend the signs are there (even if we had to contend with the obvious Manc loving Howard Webb and his even more predictable decisions) and that’s even before Kenny had a chance to work with the players. We all know Kenny Dalglish will demand respect and we hope him being in charge will put at end to the problems within the dressing room that has so obviously effected certain players. Gerrard and Carragher are no longer the Mr Liverpools within the camp because Mr Liverpool is now in charge. Kenny will not be scared to drop or substitute players whether they are senior or not and we saw a glimpse of that when he substituted Torres after seeing him have another ineffective game. But he will also encourage those players and help them to regain their form and make them into better players. These are certainly exciting times. However since the appointment of King Kenny we have already started to see the anti-Liverpool media sharpen their pencils because they feel ‘media friendly Roy’ wasn’t given enough time. What they don’t seem to understand is that however much time the new Liverpool Board were to give Roy it was so bad that it was never going to work. Since results started to decline early on in our season the media were very quick to place the blame on Rafa Benitez (and still continue to do so) for leaving Roy with such a poor squad, the same squad (apart from a couple of players) that finished 2nd only two seasons ago. Apparently players such as Gerrard, Reina, Carragher, Torres, Agger, Kuyt, Johnson and Mascherano were not good enough. Yes the squad needed improving but was it really as bad as the media were leading us to believe? Facts speak for themselves and that is why I cannot understand the media and fans of other clubs when they continually defend Roy Hodgson. Apart from a few league titles in Sweden and a cup in Denmark he hasn’t won anything significant in his managerial career especially when he has been at successful and big clubs like Inter Milan and Blackburn (after they won the EPL). So why do the media and ex-players all want to keep proclaiming he is a good manager? This is the one thing about the media that baffles me the most. The only conclusion I can come up with is that because he is a genuine and nice man the ex-players and media associate this as the main credential to being a top class football manager. They fail to see that his only tactial method is to hoof and hope and that when you are dealing with world class players this will always be destined for failure. They fail to see how if his plan A doesn’t work there is no plan B. They fail to see that his man management skills are poor at best as seen by how he continually criticised certain players such as Agger and Johnson and they fail to see that you cannot criticise your own fans and then demand support. Since the sacking of Roy some parts of the media have insinuated that us fans are to blame and that we didn’t give him enough time. After 20 games in which you could count on half a hand the number of times the team actually performed well I think we are all intelligent enough to know when things are not working out and when there is no sign of improvement. Liverpool fans have always backed their manager and even though the majority of us were uneasy when Roy was appointed we were all prepared to give him a chance. The fact is in all my 33 years as a supporter I have never ever seen a Liverpool team play so poorly on such a regular basis as they have done this season and that is why I believe the majority of fans wanted the change. However the most outrageous reason I have heard and read in the media is that we didn’t want Roy as our manager or give him a chance because of his London roots!! Coming from so called professional journalists writing such rubbish is an utter disgrace! So whilst Liverpool FC enter the second Kenny Dalglish era where our hopes and dreams have been reborn the one message I want to give to the media is this:- You can continue to blame Rafa Benitez and us fans, you can re-start the anti-Liverpool agenda but the fact of the matter is and it is a fact, Roy Hodgson was just simply not good enough……. Y.N.W.A

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Return of the Mojo…..

Posted by Spencer | Posted in Liverpool FC, You'll Never Walk Alone | Posted on 16-08-2010


The new campaign has finally started! Since the departure of Rafa Benitez and appointment of Roy Hodgson this has been one of the most anticipated starts to a season in a very long time.

When the fixture list was announced in July and we knew Arsenal were going to be the visitors we all wondered what kind of Liverpool team would run out on to the Anfield turf on the 15th August, which players would still be at the club and who (if any) would be our new signings? At the end of last season I felt depressed and was frightened for the well being of our club and even more so when Rafa left us after what I would describe as a successful time at the club. I was also frightened that the club would also lose the spine of the team such as Gerrard and Torres and I wasn’t overly excited by the appointment of Roy Hodgson. The club in my opinion had lost its ‘mojo’.

However events over the last few weeks seem to have sparked optimism amongst the club, fans and even media alike with the signings of Joe Cole, Milan Jovanovic, Christian Poulsen and most importantly Gerrard and Torres committing themselves to the club they love. Even though I was a strong supporter of Rafa Benitez and had mixed feelings about Roy Hodgson, the new manager has in fact been a breath of fresh air, his approach to the players, media and fans has been impressive and this has gone a long way in starting to win me over.

The change was there to see under the first 2 ‘competitive’ games in the Europa League – two solid wins and signs of a more fluent attacking approach especially during the second leg at Anfield. But the true test was always going to be the first Premier League game at home against Arsenal.

After a pretty even first half with Arsenal having plenty of possession the game suddenly came to life with the somewhat harsh sending off of Joe Cole on the stroke of half time. My first thoughts were that we were going to struggle to get a draw and that surely Arsenal would punish us with their quick passing game especially against our 10 men. What followed in the second half was a team reignited with passion and commitment throughout and a complete desire not to be beaten which in all honesty wasn’t there last season. This was a game we would have gone on to lose in similar fashion to the game at Fulham where there was a distinct lack of passion.

All 14 players used yesterday gave there heart and soul to the cause and aside from another freakish incident similar to those seen last season Liverpool would have secured all 3 points. Although Mascherano has clearly stated he wants to leave the club (for family reasons) he showed what a true professional he is by giving a man of the match performance in the heart of midfield. After that performance alone for me he has cemented his place as a ‘true red’. Many other players wouldn’t have given their all but I believe that out of true respect for our club and fans he felt that he couldn’t give anything less. Another player showing true passion and commitment was Daniel Agger.  After receiving a direct blow to the face it was clear to see that he was seeing three of everything and was clearly struggling. But knowing that all the substitutions had been made he insisted on continuing even though it could have been a serious risk to his health. Again last season for whatever reason I am not sure he would have done that.

So is this new found passion and never say die attitude the results of the management style under Roy Hodgson? I sincerely hope so and I hope that this attitude stays with the players all season long. I still think we are short of challenging for the title as described in ‘Only Time Will Tell’ but after the events of yesterday I am increasingly becoming more optimistic for a good season.

If the team continue to show the passion and commitment shown yesterday then there is one thing we can all ascertain, that the ‘mojo’ has returned…..


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Couldn’t agree more with every sentence! Great write up.

Thanks for your comments Paul. Really appreciate the read. Let’s hope we continue to show the same passion!

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