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Simply Not Good Enough………

The 8th January 2011 saw the return on King Kenny to what he and the majority of Liverpool fans see as his rightful place, manager of Liverpool Football Club. It also signalled the end of Roy Hodgson’s reign and my self imposed blogging ban which I installed back in November last year. The reason...

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About Me and My Website

My passions in life apart from my wife and my 2 sons is Liverpool FC. I also like to air my views on issues we encounter in everyday life.

I have decided to set up my own website so I could share my views on the football club I support and love and to interact with fellow reds on the issues surrounding our great club.

My blogs won’t be the standard reports on matches but will hopefully have a different spin on on the events of the game or incidents or what is going on in general at the club.

I also like to blog about politics and issues surrounding everyday life and hope to engage debate on different topics. I have recently joined the Labour Party and want to engage more in Politics.

I won’t please you all but hope that you will engage in debate with me on what I write about.

I started writing blogs this year and the links to my original blogs are below:-



Thanks for visiting my site and I look forward to debating with you all!